What do you get when you steep a visual artist in whiz-bang technology and throw in a love of hot rods and pin-up girls in for good measure? You get the nicely warped world of Kevin Peake, born in Tennessee and raised in Texas by people who did a darn fine job given the challenges of having an comic-book sponge for a son. Kevin’s artistic abilities have piloted him on a professional path that has landed him smack dab in the thick of some of the most ambitious projects and opportunities anywhere. During his nearly 3 decades of artistic tomfoolery, Mr. Peake has found himself serving as an animator for “A Scanner Darkly”, an illustrator for GSD&M, an hit-making game artist, and a raconteur of all things that lure unsuspecting eyeballs in for a closer look. One cursory pass through Kevin’s resume and you’ll find there’s not much the man’s not capable of, although in fairness we should probably cross tuning carbs on a vintage Hemi motor off the list. According to the forensic team, the fire wasn’t his fault. But that’s another story. Kevin is a great addition to any talent mix. He embraces challenges, masters new technologies and is a team player with an ego that stays remarkably in check at all times. Neither gassy nor ill-tempered, he exhibits a cool head, an even keel and operates well in an environment of pure corporate chaos. But let’s not forget perhaps the most important point of all. Kevin is also a hoot to hang out with. Just ask his probation officer. That last line was a joke.